Hello, we are the Westies vom Falterturm!

We live in close proximity to the Main and use every opportunity for swimming.

After get your puppy home

We support our new puppy owners also after the purchase. Especially in the beginning questions arise, where we do not leave you alone. 

CDK Ebern

We breed boars in the CDK, the club is a member of the Belgian Kennel Club. 

Travel & Job

Whether travelling with the dog or combining work and dog: If you know how to do it, it’s not that hard. In our blog we describe how this can work. 


Finding the right food is not always easy. We have decided on a mixture of dry and wet feed. We are happy to share our experiences with our new puppy owners


In the last years we have visited many exhibitions. Only the many praises of the judges have moved us to strive for a breeding license. Gaia has received best evaluations.