About Us

We hope to share our passion for West Highland White Terriers by using our experience and being lucky enough to find exactly the perfect Westie pair that will bring out all the characteristics of the breed.

Ralf Bergmann Bueno
Founder of Westies vom Falterturm

June 2020

The journey begins! We have found a beautiful male for Gaia. His name is Sparkling Summer in the City, first name “Sammy”. He comes from Erlangen and is the same age as Gaia.

Suitability for breeding

The long way to breeding suitability is over. Many hurdles were overcome. It was a great feeling to finally hold the certificate in my hands. 

Dog Shows

Exhibitions are a great medium to get in contact with other owners. The regular exchange is important for us, only in this way we can make progress in the future. International judges ensure that we get the best possible picture of whether all guidelines regarding breeding are being followed. 

On discovery tour

Gaia and I have a long bond. We are not only on discovery tours together, but also spend the working days and long journeys together. 

CDK Ebern

We breed boars at CDK because we are optimally cared for here. This one belongs to the Belgian Kennel Club. Every year there are international exhibitions, which are very well organized.  We gladly recommend the club because of the good care.