Breed Info

The West Highland White Terrier is a family dog but also a hunting dog. The breed is small and compact, equipped with a harsh coat, an expressive face and the typical upright tail. They are appreciated for their loving nature and their playful attitude and are active and attentive.

Child Friendly

Westies get along well with children and are not so small that they cannot live in a household with an infant.

be alone

If you are looking for a dog that you want to leave alone in the open air for a longer period of time, a Westie is the wrong dog. He is a family man.

Excellent housekeeper

West Highland White Terriers are excellent guard dogs and will alert your people when strangers approach, but it is not their style to bark without reason.

The love of movement

West Highland White Terriers love to get tasks. Whether following a trail or doing an agility course, they can do anything.

25-30 cm
12 - 16 Years
6 - 10 Kilogramm


This is a smart and loving dog who wants to spend a lot of time with his humans. The West Highland White Terrier is a fun-loving free thinker. He can be well trained if he is motivated in a positive way with many rewards, praise and play


The little Highlander was a fashion dog in the 90s. This led to the fact that many breeders neglected health. Also today it can lead to the fact that for example allergies can occur. That is why we make sure that both dogs are free of them when mating. But this is not a guarantee. 


West Highland White Terriers want to be moved and given tasks, otherwise they get bored quickly. They love to be out and about in all weathers. 


Two times a day the Westie wants a meal. Whether dry food, barf, or canned food depends on the holder.


In regular intervals of 2-3 months the Westie is professionally trimmed by a dog groomer. The daily coat care ensures that no matting occurs. Due to its coat structure a Westie is well suited for allergy sufferers.